How To Begin Your Interior Design Career

Is it your dream to have an interior design career? If so, you need to have a plan to achieve your goal. Where are you going to go to school, should be the first question you ask yourself. Have you done any research on Interior Design schools in your area? If you have found a school, research it thoroughly. What do Professional Interior Designers think of the school? Does it have a good record of accomplishment in graduates getting work in the Interior Design field?

Speak to a Professional Interior Designer; ask them how they got their interior design career started. What school did they attend? Was it difficult in finding work once they graduated? Did they volunteer their services in order to gain experience? Another important aspect to consider is will you be able to attend school in person or do you need to take an online degree program instead. Many Interior Design students keep a full time job and take an online degree program from an accredited Design school. It is something to consider if you need to keep working to pay the bills or support a family. Do not give up on your dream!

We already know that you want an Interior Design career, but do you know what Interior Design is all about? Do not think that this career is all about being creative all day long. It is also not about choosing pretty colors and working with amazing fabric either. Interior Design is about selling the client on your ideas, organizing every detail and making sure that the client is completely happy when the job is finished. An Interior Designer must work with the local municipalities to make sure all building codes are adhered to, and accurate records must be kept regarding the entire job from beginning to end. Other important tasks that the designer is responsible for include negotiating with contractors and making sure they get the job done properly and on time. Dealing with problems is a daily occurrence for Interior Designers, what do you do when the painter does not show up? It is the Designers job to make sure everything comes together smoothly.

Once you have finished your education, your Interior Design career will likely begin as a junior designer or assistant designer. As your career advances, you could end up as a senior designer, a project manager or even a partner in a design firm. Another option for your design career is to become a self-employed interior designer.

To give yourself an advantage over other aspiring interior designers, it would be prudent to learn as much as you about computer aided drafting software. Knowledge of this type of computer program could start you off at a higher pay scale. You can aid your interior design career by taking some marketing or sales courses since interior design is more about selling and marketing than anything else is. If you really want to improve your sales pitch to prospective clients, take some acting classes.

I hope that this information has not dissuaded you from seeking your dream of an interior design career.

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